Spring Restdocs and Spring Cloud Contract with Cucumber and Spring Webflux

In this post, I will describe Spring Restdocs and Spring Cloud Contract integration into Cucumber tests with Spring Webflux. The main problem is that we can’t use the most of common JUnit and Spring Test annotations like @Before, @After and @Rule in Cucumber tests, so we have to set up testing environment manually. This post is a webflux adaptation of the previous post.

Project dependencies

Our test project will be a secured rest service:

Cucumber feature and runner

We will develop a service providing contacts list. We can describe it in this feature:

In our next step we need to create a class running our Cucumber tests as usual:

  • With annotation @RunWith we specify runner class that will be used in our tests
  • With annotation @CucumberOptions we specify Cucumber options:
    • Property strict defines implementation mandatory for all steps definitions
    • Property glue defines a package containing classes with steps definitions implementation
    • Property features defines a location containing Cucumber tests features

If we try to run our tests right now we’ll get output like this:

So we need to implement listed methods. But first of all we should integrate Spring Test into our Cucumber tests.

Spring Test integration and steps definitions implementation

We need a class initializing Spring application context and configuring Spring Restdocs and Spring Cloud Contract.

Note than we cannot use Cucumber’s @Before and @After annotations in this class. But we can do it in classes with steps definitions implementation.

So now we can implement step definitions in a class extending SpringCucumberIntegrationTest:


We should implement routing and handler for our tests:

Pay your attention that ContactRepository is a subtype of ReactiveCrudRepository.

We need to enable webflux support in our application:

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